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    21 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You're Extremely Awkward

    I'm out in public. Please send help.

    1. Making eye contact is the hardest thing you'll do all day.

    2. In photos, you always try to look fun and spontaneous, but end up with your eyes half-open and doing something super weird with your entire body.

    3. You only make phone calls when you're out of options...

    4. ...and finishing the phone conversation is a whole ordeal in itself.

    5. Saying "Goodbye" to someone in person is even worse, if that's possible.

    6. When there's an awkward silence in a conversation, you wish you could run out of the room.

    7. You've been caught staring at someone more times than you'd care to admit.

    8. The only dance you know how to do is the one where you keep almost running into someone on the sidewalk.

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    9. You look and sound like a complete MORON when you're around your crush.

    10. You come off as a total asshole sometimes, but in reality you're just trying to avoid as many awkward social situations as possible.

    11. You're so relieved when you get to hang out with another awkward person, because they just *get it.*

    12. But it's also kind of annoying, because it's AWKWARD X AWKWARD = SUPER AWK.

    13. Whenever you hear the words, "Let's go around the room," you wish you could disappear.

    14. In fact, by the time it's your turn to speak, you're so nervous that you've forgotten everything you were going to say.

    15. Your "trying really hard to be nice to a stranger" face always translates to "weird and creepy."

    16. You see the exact moment in someone's face when you lose their interest in a conversation, because you're such an awkward storyteller.

    17. You have waved back at someone who wasn't waving at you countless times.

    18. Then there are other times when you accidentally ignore someone saying "Hi" to you because you think they're talking to someone else.

    19. You wish you could take back, like, half the things you say.

    20. Every first date you've ever been on has ended like this:

    21. Sure, being super awkward is painful at times, but at the end of the day it's all OK, because you know how to own it.