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Can You Ruin All Your Sim's Important Relationships In 5 Minutes?

It took you HOURS to build up these connections, but it'll only take 5 minutes (human time) to destroy them.

This is Valerie, the Sim whose virtual life you've worked so hard to curate into a thriving digital ecosystem. But now, Valerie's existence is practically drama-free. It's boring. It's...too perfect.

EA / Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

These are the most important Sims to Valerie. If she lost these relationships, well, she'd be crushed!

EA / Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

So now, you're going to ruin Valerie's relationships, and thus essentially ruin her life. Why? Because it's fun and you know it.

For each scenario in the game, just choose an interaction for Valerie.

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