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    17 Reasons Why The Summer Needs To End Now


    1. Summer: the season that's great in theory, but actually pretty awful once you're in the thick of it.

    2. Every time it rolls around, you think it'll be the best one of your life...

    3. ...Until you remember the heat.

    4. Some people love the excruciating heat that summer brings, but those people are probably aliens.

    5. In the summer, you have to plan your entire existence around air conditioning.

    6. And you'll only go somewhere you know for a fact has AC or central air.

    7. When you absolutely must go outside, the sun finds a way to kill your spirit...

    8. ...And ruin your entire outfit.

    9. If you want to be even remotely fashionable in the summer, you must suffer in silence.

    10. Let's just be honest: the level of sweat you experience daily in the summer is completely out of control.

    11. And forget sunbathing, unless you want to feel like you're inside a toaster oven.

    12. If you think the sun is only going to kiss your skin gracefully with its rays, you're sorely mistaken.

    13. Unless you never go outside, you'd better be ready for some awful tan lines and wicked sunburns, buddy.

    14. Because the sun just wants to ruin you.

    15. And that includes your eyes.

    16. And don't even try to get comfortable at night, because after the sun sets, the heat remains.

    17. But it's not all bad! If you want to be freezing in the middle of summer, all you have to do is hang out at an office building!

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