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I Replaced The Wine In Wine Memes With Other Things And This Is What Happened

I know, I know, everyone loves wine. I just think we should try something new.

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Wine seems to be enjoying an all-time high in terms of popularity on the internet.

There are wine memes all over the damn place. There's no way you haven't seen one.

The thing is, I don't get it. Why is everyone OBSESSED with wine?! It's just wine. So what?

Or at the very least, why don't people make the same kinds of memes about other things, too?

Like, what about eggs? Why aren't eggs getting any love? Eggs seem way more essential to life than wine.

Atnoydur / Getty Images

What the world needs right now is the wholesomeness of an egg meme.

And let me just clarify: I don't even like eggs! Just trying to be fair here.
Atnoydur / Floortje / Getty Images

And let me just clarify: I don't even like eggs! Just trying to be fair here.

Or how about wine-meme-ifying something really under appreciated, like saltine crackers?

Floortje / Getty Images

Gum is a staple, I honestly think it deserves as much time in the spotlight as wine.

Yipengge / Getty Images

Still looking for something beverage-based? Check this out.

Yipengge / Getty Images

Now here's a topic that will interest people from ALL walks of life: AIR.

Nys444 / Getty Images

I mean, right??

Jaczhou / Getty Images

Now, here me out on this last one: memes about memes.

Nys444 / Getty Images

But hey, who am I to tell you which memes to enjoy? If all you want to do is look at wine memes, I'm not gonna stop you.

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