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    These Movie Posters Were Pretty Sexist So I Redrew Them

    Stop the madness!!

    You've probably seen at least one movie poster where someone is looking through a pair of legs, like this:

    What's up with that, though? Does anyone really do this IRL? How would you get this angle, and why?!

    Since I can't relate to these bizarre leg positions at all, I decided to show you what these posters would look like if I were in them instead, living my ordinary, no-one-looking-through-my-legs-life.

    You might see a shower drain with what looks like (and is) an upsetting amount of hair collecting in the drain.

    You may even see a tampon! Just as sexy as those posters, right?? Okay, maybe not. Not sexy at all, actually, but REAL.

    Or maybe you would see a face, but it'd be my own face, because I'm doing yoga. (Who am I kidding, I don't do yoga.)

    But you should forget all those, because if there was a movie poster featuring my legs, it would probably just depict me struggling to put on pajama pants the second I got home from work.

    And then the sequel would be the backs of my feet while I sit on the couch. Fin!