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Guys, I've Been Thinking: Parasols Need To Come Back In Style Right Now

We can make this happen.

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If you're at least somewhat pale, you probably know the struggle of trying to stay out of the menacing sun's rays. And even if you're not, I bet you've felt uncomfortable under direct sunlight for too long.

And that's why, dear friends, I propose to you all the return of an old– nay, ANCIENT– friend: the parasol. AKA: an umbrella, but for the sun.


If you're like me, you obviously know the importance of sunscreen, but you're still constantly on edge for fear that your skin will be baked to a damn crisp anytime you go outside.

I'm not saying parasols aren't already a thing right now. Some people are absolutely rocking them as we speak.

theblackpinup / Via

The rest of us just need to get on their level.

gertie18 / Via

I mean, I live in New York City, the Big Apple, the #2 Fashion Capital of the World (according to a random website I just went to), and I think I've only seen one person carrying a parasol ever???

We've resurrected all sorts of things from the past, and the parasol should be the next big one.

_allstarjin / Via Instagram: @_allstarjin

Because the sun hasn't burned out yet, but it's burning US.