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Can You Remember All The Things You Need To Buy For Your BBQ?

You're singlehandedly hosting a barbecue. Can you pull it off, or will your guests distrust your cookout skills forever?

So you're having a barbecue, huh? Well, before you start firing up the grill and welcoming guests to your backyard, you'll need supplies.

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But wait – you left your grocery list at home! After you get a brief glimpse of the list, you're going to have to recall everything you need. You have 10 seconds to look. When you're ready, hit "Start."

Get all that? Now, let's hope your memory kicks in, because you're at the grocery store and you have to buy your supplies! To pick an item, type its name out. You have five minutes!

  1. So, how did your barbecue go?

    So, how did your barbecue go?

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So, how did your barbecue go?
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    It went perfectly! (Remembered all 28 items)
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    It went pretty well! (Remembered 20-27 items)
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    It went fine! (Remembered 14-19 items)
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    It went okay... (Remembered 7-13 items)

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