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    14 Body-Positive Artists You'll Want To Follow On Instagram Right Away

    These are the most gorgeous pieces of body-positive art you'll see all day.

    1. Sally Hewett

    Sally Hewett / Via Instagram: @sally_hewett

    Sally Hewett is a textile artist who creates incredibly lifelike, 3D portraits of body parts inside embroidery hoops. I wish I could decorate my entire house with this art, tbh. You can check out Sally's Instagram here!

    2. Sofia Salazar

    Sofia Salazar / Via Instagram: @__hiedra__

    Sofia Salazar stitches and screen prints her gorgeous artwork on bags, shirts and more. The videos on Sofia's Instagram showing her embroidery process are mesmerizing!

    3. Stephanie Deangelis

    Steph Angelis / Via Instagram: @steph_angelis

    Stephanie Deangelis' art features lovely color palettes and scenes of chic women relaxing at home. It's calming and wonderful to look at! You can follow Stephanie here.

    4. Jessica So Ren Tang

    Jessica So Ren Tang, Jessica So Ren Tang / Via Instagram: @jessicasorentang

    Jessica So Ren Tang embroiders the most beautifully detailed pieces you'll probably ever lay eyes on. And there are multiple process photos of each piece on Jessica's Instagram so you can see how they evolve to completion!

    5. Jess De Wahls

    Jess De Wahls / Via Instagram: @jessdewahls

    Jess De Wahls is a wonderfully illustrative embroiderer whose hoops feature many different types of feminist iconography. Jess's Instagram is sure to brighten your day!

    6. Libby Simpson

    Libby Simpson / Via Instagram: @ohmygollyembroidery

    Libby Simpson's embroidery work is wonderfully feminist and fun. Any piece would fit perfectly on your wall or be great as a gift! Check out Libby's Instagram here.

    7. Débora Iglesias

    Débora Iglesias / Via Instagram: @deboraiglesias__

    Débora Iglesias is a tattoo artist and sculptor. These abstract vulvas show her versatility as an artist, as much of her tattoo art is minimalist. You can see it all on Débora's Instagram!

    8. Prudence Flint

    Prudence Flint / Via Instagram: @prudenceflint

    Prudence Flint is a painter who uses an equal mix of warm and cool tones for her paintings depicting everyday moments. Check out all Prudence's exquisite art here!

    9. Amanda Triplett

    Via Instagram: @fibrousviscera, Amanda Triplett / Via Instagram: @fibrousviscera

    Amanda Triplett's textile art is made from recycled material. Many of her pieces depict abstracted internal organs, and all are incredibly detailed. You won't regret giving Amanda's Instagram a look!

    10. Jemelia Whitaker

    Via Instagram: @parlournoir, Jemelia Whitaker / Via Instagram: @parlournoir

    Jemelia Whitaker embroiders line art of women's bodies, super detailed patterns, and everything in between! Take a look at Jemelia's Instagram here.

    11. Stella Maria Baer

    Stella Maria Baer / Via Instagram: @stellamariabaer

    Stella Maria Baer's color palettes are so heavenly, you'll be inspired to take up painting yourself. Moons and boobs – what's not to love? You'll be sure to have a chill time perusing Stella's Instagram!

    12. Kate D.

    Kate D. / Via Instagram: @hate.the.kate

    Kate D.'s cross-stitched vulva pins are so fun, and her larger vulva creations are straight out of an 8-bit feminist video game that I really wish existed! Check out Kate's Instagram here.

    13. Sara Roy

    Sara Roy / Via Instagram: @bohogypsychild

    Sara Roy's Instagram is packed with delightfully and colorful feminist embroidery. Her abstract vulvas and expertly stitched flowers are perfect wall hangings!

    14. Plastika Fantastika

    Plastika Fantastika / Via Instagram: @plastika_fantastika

    Plastika Fantastika's sculptural creations are out of this world. Their jewelry is made from polymer clay, and range from brooches to earrings to cups (and probably more). Each item is so beautifully crafted with just the right amount of edge. You might find yourself perusing their store soon after this!