17 Children's Books That I'm Glad I Never Read As A Kid

    Sorry, this is your problem now.

    1. Oh my god, why would you show this to a child???

    2. Maybe don't get on that boat.

    3. Note to self: Stay away from the Sunbonnet Twins.

    4. I thought this spider illustration was pretty cool until I realized it had a HUMAN FACE with a DISTRAUGHT EXPRESSION.

    5. "It"

    6. Uhh...what's that flamingo thing in the background apparently doing the Charleston?

    7. There's a lot going on here. Is that a tiny, angry dog in the first panel? Can someone in the third panel feed that unicorn in the second panel?!

    8. Wait, I'm actually really into this one tbh.

    9. They look like they just did something bad, and I don't want to know what.


    11. I mean, it looks like it hurts!

    12. Respect the goose. Do not anger the goose.

    13. Nursery rhymes sound so fun and cute, until you actually see them.

    14. And again.

    15. ...Whoa. Ok.

    16. If you saw this thing coming toward you, what would you do?

    17. This is me after looking at all these pictures and realizing I need to pass them on so I can be rid of the horror they have wrought unto me: