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    18 Depression "Cures" That'll Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Be Cured

    "Exercise is the best antidepressant!"

    1. We all know exercise cures everything, including depression. Stop being so lazy!!

    2. And when a character in a game you're playing tells you coffee cures depression, that must be a fact, right?

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    3. Might as well just flat-out say "no" to depression. It'll listen!

    4. I mean, come on, can't you just learn to relax and do everything right all at once?!

    5. This paragraph just saved you so much money and time on therapy!

    6. I'm not even gonna pretend this is helpful. Don't do this!!

    7. Remember, if you imagine the world is sunny and bright, you won't be depressed anymore!

    8. Real talk: I'm a huge advocate for massages, but you know how often I'd have to get them for this to maaaybe work? And how much it would cost?

    9. Ah...yes. All very helpful! Thank you, caps-lock friend!

    10. This is correct. Stress comes from the part of your brain that is also activated when you smell smoke from a campfire.

    11. Mmmm yes. We are all apples with only two emotions. Did I get that right?

    12. Jog on, depression! I said jog on! *through tears* JOG ON! JOG! ON!!!!

    13. You know the old saying: "Hug a tiger — it will absorb your depression and live the rest of its life depressed but you'll be happy again so who cares."

    14. Yes, it's truly the greatest time to be alive.

    15. I guess I can only be happy in the summer then.

    16. UGH SO TRUE.

    17. The phrase "cheer up" should be banned, tbh.

    18. In conclusion, remember:

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