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Are You More Basic Or Square?


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The square was pretty much the original basic, but where a basic person might be too trendy, a square is someone who is behind the times altogether, stuck in their ways, and boring.

You may not be either, but which are you MOST?

  1. Yes! How about the Starbucks in my neighborhood? They know me there.
    Sorry, I don't drink caffeine after 12pm.
    How about a movie instead?
  2. Omg, yes! I always need a new pair of leggings!
    I'll tag along, but I order all my clothes from catalogs over the phone.
    Sounds like fun!
  3. Is it an inspirational quote? I'd like it and comment on it and tag a bunch of my friends :)
    That's impossible. I made my Facebook wall private so no one can post anything on it.
    Eh, I'd probably throw a like on it.
  4. Yoga.
    Going home and planning my outfit for the next day.
    TV, a movie, or video games.
  5. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this?

    Dan Meth / BuzzFeed
    It reminds me of the juice cleanse I did recently!
    I don't know what to think of this at all. Is this something from the Internet?
    That dude looks so high.
  6. My favorite Taylor Swift song.
    That ringtone that sounds like an old-fashioned telephone.
    Are you kidding? I keep my phone on vibrate.
  7. Via Thinkstock
    Via Thinkstock
  8. Having a girls' night and Instagramming it with #InsideJoke #Hashtags!!!
    Hoping the people on my block don't throw another party so I can get some peace and quiet.
    Not sure yet, still making plans.

Are You More Basic Or Square?

You got: Basic

You're more basic than square! You love going out and having fun with your friends, and sharing those memories online. Pinterest never ceases to inspire every aspect of your current and future life. So you're a little predictable at times? That's not bad at all! You have things that make you feel good, and you're unapologetic about that, and that's awesome!

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You got: Square

You're more square than basic! Keeping up with trends doesn't always come naturally to you, and it takes you a while to find out about things that happen in popular culture. You're a bit of a homebody, but that doesn't mean you don't ever have fun, you just prefer to be comfortable. It's OK to be a square, though– you know what you like and you stick to it, and that's cool!

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You got: Neither

Surprise! You're neither basic nor square! You may have a few basic and square qualities, but overall, you march to the beat of your own drum. You like to keep up with trends, but having a personal style and voice is important to you.

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