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20 Times Teens Were Totally Out Of Control In 2015

Teens and the 4-panel meme are OTP.

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1. When every boy took a huge hit to their self-esteem.

2. And girls everywhere were #blessed with some 4-panel flattery.

3. When this realization occurred.

4. When the internet was given a friendly reminder about oral hygiene.

5. When the world got some (relatable?) content that no one asked for.

6. When this teen put the "fun" in funeral.

7. When the rage was unbearable...

8. ...and, at times, confusing.

9. When no one could look at garlic bread the same way again.

10. When the pun game was just too strong.

11. When we were just simply at a loss for words.


13. When we caught a rare glimpse into the social patterns of teens during the day...

14. ...and at night.

15. When there were serious lessons to be learned about the world...

16. ...and loving others.

17. When...well, actually, this kind of feels like a fair argument, tbh.

18. When this "prank" happened.

19. When this teen proved that life really is about simple pleasures.

20. And when the world was shown the meaning of true love.

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