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Here's What The "Taken" Sequels Could Have Been Called

These titles were all "taken" into consideration, but sadly, none made the cut.

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Liam works at a boring office job. One day, he makes an inappropriate joke. No one laughs. He becomes a social outcast in his work environment. He feels really bad for a long time.

About 90 minutes in, Liam's daughter gets taken, and he saves her.


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This was part two of Taken: 2 Far, but this time was written as a mockumentary-style TV show. How a follow-up to that initial script got written after it was already rejected, no one will ever know, but the plot is as follows:

Liam Neeson has "taken" another job, this time as the Regional Manager of a Northeastern Pennsylvania-based paper supply company. This is all explained within the first 30 seconds of the film (by way of a narration by Liam Neeson). Then the show begins and Liam Neeson makes an inappropriate joke which he argues has been "taken" out of context, but which is definitely just inappropriate.

Liam's daughter does not make an appearance anywhere in this script.


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This plot opens with the premise that, since the events of Taken 2, Liam Neeson has saved his daughter another seven times. About five minutes into the film, Liam receives a call from his daughter explaining she has been taken once again. He calls the kidnappers again, reciting the same speech, but this time they laugh and hang up the phone.



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As you can imagine, the Taken, Not Stirred script held a suspicious amount of similarities to the themes of the James Bond films, and actually had nothing to do with anything related to Taken.


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This film was actually pitched as a Kickstarter-funded documentary about how Liam Neeson wanted to take a break from the Taken films to spend some well-needed time with his family. Unfortunately, like all the other films on this list, it was scrapped.


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After having saved his daughter in several action-packed scenarios, Liam Neeson has gotten old and needs to slow down. He decides to retire. Most of the plot of this film involves Liam going to check-ups with his doctors and refilling prescriptions for his heart medications.


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This title actually has a double meaning: the writers were having a hard time finding another way to use the word "Taken" to form a catchy title, so they used that to their advantage and sat in a room for two hours punching out a script in which Liam must win a spelling bee in order to save his daughter.



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Liam Neeson gets "taken" aboard an alien spaceship in his sleep. To his great surprise, the captain of the spaceship is his daughter! Hilarity ensues, and Liam is inducted into the alien society warmly, where he lives out the rest of his days reenacting his role on Love Actually, which aliens are known to be obsessed with. Neeson's Love Actually co-star/son, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, makes a cameo as "Head Alien."