Listen Up: Peter From "The Bachelorette" Is The Damn Best

    Because everybody knows he's the salt and pepper gap-toothed chiseled man of our dreams.

    While Rachel Lindsay is nailing it as The Bachelorette, one contestant is truly standing out.

    Literally all of America and the world watching Rachel right now #TheBachelorette

    The Academy Awards / Via Twitter

    That man is Peter Kraus, and he is not only super attractive, but carries a heart of gold.

    Any moment Peter isn't onscreen during #TheBachelorette is another wasted second of my life.

    ABC / Via Twitter

    I mean, COME ON, he's just so smooooooth and intelligent, and everything a man ought to be.

    Me anytime Peter opens his beautiful mouth #TheBachelorette

    New Line Cinema / Via Twitter

    Copper even loves Peter! Let's wrap it up now because this is the family America needs.

    We might as well go straight to the finale. Rachel's dog loves Peter. Rachel loves Peter. We love Peter. We're good…

    ABC / Via Twitter

    And the fact, they easily discussed the benefits of relationship therapy on national TV, like, nbd!!! Yaaass.

    #TheBachelorette nonchalantly praised therapy and it was fantastic

    ABC / Via Twitter

    Team Peter. All. Day. Every. Day.

    Saw this photo on Instagram from their date and I was like, My Goodness! They're such a beautiful couple! #TeamGap…

    Instagram / Via Twitter

    #PACHEL forever.

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