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    11 Reasons Normani Kordei From Fifth Harmony Is Everything Goals

    "I can show you better than I can tell you."

    1. Her whistle notes can cure any ailment.

    This may or may not have been proven by a team of researchers. Regardless, Normani's whistle notes are glorious. The Queen of Whistle Notes, Mariah Carey, would be proud.

    2. She can rock any hairstyle.

    normani can literally wear all the colors of the rainbow in her hair and still look amazing

    Via Twitter: @5h_ghannelius

    Black? Curly? Blue? Straight? Rainbow? She pulls off almost any style and color effortlessly.

    3. Not only is she a talented singer in a successful girl group, but she would also slay at the Olympics. / Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedCeleb

    Is she even real?!

    4. Beyoncé autographed a photo of herself just for Normani's birthday.

    REMEMBER WHEN @NormaniKordei OPEN @Beyonce 'S AUTOGRAPH Normani was so happy #VoteFifthHarmony #KCA

    5. And Normani thoroughly fangirled like any normal human.

    6. Her dancing skills are ***flawless!

    7. Even her grandma slays.

    8. Her selfies are basically mini photo shoots.

    9. Her body is so amazing even her bandmates are in awe.

    10. She has killer style.

    11. She's in a girl group with four ladies that are just as fabulous.