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Introducing A New Accessory For The Raspberry Pi - The CapHat

Product development specialists, Think Engineer are set to launch a revolutionary new accessory for the Raspberry Pi hardware. CapHat is a new HAT for all versions of the Raspberry Pi, featuring an easy to use capacitive keypad that gives creators and educators an unlimited array of possible functions to add to their Raspberry Pi hardware. Simply clicking on to the Raspberry Pi GPIO Header, the CapHat offers a full, numbered keypad, so you can keep on adding accessories as you create. Fully licenced with the Raspberry Pi, the CapHat is officially hardware compatible with the A+, B+ and 2, as well as the brand new Raspberry Pi 3. The possibilities with the CapHat really are endless. So whether you are a creator, student or an educator, the CapHat is a key product to add to your accessories. At a cost of only $25 (£18), this little hardware keypad is a must-have!. The CapHat will be launching on Kickstarter on 14th November 2016 to raise money for final production design, so we can squeeze that zero in somewhere. All funds will go towards the development and production of the product. Check out for more information

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The CapHat - A keypad for the Raspberry Pi

A keypad for your Raspberry Pi - CapHat
Graham Kitteridge

A keypad for your Raspberry Pi - CapHat

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