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That Molly-Sherlock Scene In "The Final Problem" DESTROYED Us

You know what scene we mean. Sherlock’s horrid, horrid sister had already destroyed Mycroft and John, by making them feel complicit in murder. But Sherlock could handle himself, because as he likes to say… "I'm a highly functioning sociopath." Sherlock doesn’t lose control until after he forces Molly to say those three little words, until he himself has to say them. Molly has stolen our hearts from her very first scene. Her hopeless crush on Sherlock was all too relatable for everyone watching the show; we have all had feelings for a sociopath at one point. But Molly has never allowed herself to be broken by this. In fact, that initial hopeless crush seems to have faded, allowed Molly to become stronger, braver, independent. She is a highly respected mortician, she seems to have many friends, and she has forced herself into Sherlock’s small circle of people he cares for very deeply. Molly is so much more than who she was when she took the leap and asked Sherlock Holmes himself to have coffee. Since then, Molly has proven invaluable to Sherlock and John’s plans, and her kindness and empathy are so opposite from Sherlock, that she seems the only one that causes him to genuinely regret his shortcomings. Never forgot that Molly has caused Sherlock to say “sorry” on multiple occasions. Now that is a feat. Also, never forget that Molly slapped Sherlock. Three. Times. Molly was the one Sherlock turned to when Moriarty was winning the game. Molly was the one that Sherlock turned to after Mary died. And Molly was the one, in that painful scene in “The Final Problem,” who made Sherlock lose his mind. Throughout it all, from that first hesitant invitation to coffee to Mary’s death, Molly has never stopped loving Sherlock. How beautiful is that?! The first task Eurus set for her brother, Sherlock had to attempt to convince either John or Mycroft to kill a (relatively) innocent man. When he could not, the man killed himself, only for his wife to die anyway. Sherlock kept his head. In the second task, Eurus told Sherlock to figure out which of three brothers had murdered someone, knowing that if he solved the case, the condemned man would die. Sherlock condemned the man, and all three brothers died anyway. Sherlock kept his head. But in the third task, Sherlock had to tell Molly to say “I love you,” or Eurus would kill her. It was a beautiful, stressful, gut-retching scene, from the first call that Molly doesn’t answer (“It’s me calling!” Sherlock says indigantly) to the final words that she whispers into the phone. Immediately, when Sherlock tries to explain what he needs from her, Molly assumes he is making fun of her. We can see her pain on her face, we can see how humiliating this is for her, and Sherlock can see it too. And she tells us why it hurts so much. But eventually, she turns the tables on him, because Molly is no longer someone to be stomped on by Sherlock. She is that same woman who slapped him for his reckless behavior, the same woman who has thrived in her career, and the same woman that makes Sherlock utter words he’s probably never said in his life. So Molly says it back. But it turns out, she was never in danger after all. Sherlock destroyed her, utterly humiliated her, and it never needed to happen. That’s when Sherlock loses his head. The scene is so wonderfully done. We see Molly’s evolution in her interaction with him, her refusal to be teased or to voice her feelings first, but she still understands that Sherlock, for whatever reason, needs him to say this. She still, after all this time and all this hurt, is putting Sherlock before herself. And… maybe Sherlock really meant it when he told her he loved her. Can someone pass the tissues please?

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