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Dog Wont Let His Owner Go Kayaking

Man best friend, preventing fun.

Sneaky Little Pups Raid the Kitchen!

Never turn your back or leave these pups alone!

The Human Windshield Wiper

When your windshield wipers are failing, use the back seat driver!

Watch This Baby Toy With His Mother

You're gonna have your hands full when he gets older, mom.

This Baby Just Wants To Have A Moment Or Two To Herself

Excuse me while I go to my safe place.

Big Brother Gives Some Quality Life Advice To The Little One

Little does she know just how precious naps truly are.

Cat Tries To Catch Fish Under A Frozen Pond And His Struggle Is Adorable

As the fishies maniacally chuckle from below.

Tiny Dachshund Cheats To Win The County Dog Race

It's 1994 Tonya Harding all over again.