Did She Answer Any Of The #Questions4Campbell? Nope.

Before Campbell Brown’s visit to The Colbert Report, parents, teachers, students and community members sent her over 8,000 tweets with their #Questions4Campbell. Did she answer any of them? See for yourself.

1. You said:

2. Stephen asked:

“Now I’m no fan of unions, but why do you have your guns out for these people? Is it the same reason I am? So they can quit their lavish lifestyle of their 1983 Honda Civics driving around town?”

3. Campbell said:

“First let me correct something you said. We’re not filing the lawsuit.”

4. You said:

6. Stephen asked:

“Who gets to say whether a teacher is a good or bad teacher? Who gets to make that call?”

7. Campbell said:

“It’s a combination of the principals and the people who are in charge of the … you know, you have to evaluate people. … If a lot of parents are complaining, there is probably something to that.”

8. You said:

9. Steven asked:

“What if you are someplace where parents don’t want certain things taught to the kids, because I would love my kids not to be taught evolution. Could I get a teacher fired if my community believed that evolution wasn’t a good thing, if the teacher didn’t have tenure?”

10. Campbell said:

“Now that’s one of the arguments that the union makes.”

11. For the record:

12. You said:

13. Stephen asked:

“Doesn’t that mean eventually you’re going to say every child in the state of New York should have the same amount of money spent on their education? Rich community, poor community—pool it all in, split it all up among Bobby, Suzie and Billy everywhere, because the argument is everyone gets the same opportunity.”

14. Campbell said:

“But you’re suggesting that it’s all about the money and I think …”

15. You said:

16. Stephen asked:

“What’s your role? … How are you supporting them? Giving them money? Cash? Any money here? No money?”

17. Campbell said:

“We’re helping them and supporting them.”

18. You said:

22. Stephen asked:

“Your organization, where does its money come from? That’s one of the things they asked me to ask you.”

23. Campbell said:

“I’m not going to reveal who the donors are because [of] … the people who are outside today, trying to protest, trying to silence our parents who want to have a voice in this debate.”

24. She’s afraid of…

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