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    7 Awkward Places You Could Be Meeting With Your Professor This Semester

    Before the end of the semester, you really need to talk to your professor about pulling your grade up, because, unfortunately, there’s some stuff you’re just not getting.

    You email your professor, and she suggests meeting in the hallway after class, but that’s always full of nosy people and you’d prefer somewhere quieter.

    Maybe the coffee shop? Even crazier.

    And the library is practically a club this time of year.

    How about the benches outside?

    Maybe we can just sit on the quad?

    Better stay indoors, I guess—anywhere but the cliquey dining hall.

    Your professors suggest her car, but that sounds really awkward. What if there are fast food wrappers? What if it smells? What if she's listening to bad music?

    Why can’t you meet in her office?! Where you can privately discuss your work and feel reassured that your professor is there to help you become a better student.

    Because your professor doesn’t have an office.

    The majority of college courses are now taught by part-time/adjunct faculty who are paid outrageously low wages. If your professors are adjuncts, it's likely they don't have access to a private office or other resources that could help them professionally and help their students succeed.

    Campus Equity Week (Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2013) is a national week of action to call attention to issues of quality and equality in our system of higher education. The AFT is working with many other faculty, student and advocacy groups to bring greater awareness to the untenable situation facing adjunct faculty. Find out more at