10 Cool Science Jobs In Government Service

Here are 10 cool government science jobs that many people don't even know exist, but are crucial to the safety of all Americans. The AFT is proud to represent many of these incredibly smart and dedicated professionals.

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5. Forensic Scientist

Perform complex analysis of evidence, such as latent fingerprints, electronic/digital imaging, firearms, ballistics, toolmarks and imprints, and investigate electronic criminal activity.

9. Environmental Scientist

Identify and solve problems related to water conservation, water recycling, illegal discharge of waste, wetland restoration, timber harvesting and water evaluation.

10. Toxicologist/Criminalist

Provide technical assistance at crime scenes and autopsy examinations; test firearms; and operate, calibrate and perform maintenance on breath alcohol testing instruments.

Americans need professional scientists who work for all citizens, to support and sustain the American Dream.

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