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    Top 10 AFSOC Photo Captions By Fans

    Our top 10 fan captions of Air Force Special Operations Command photos. To see more, or add your own captions, visit:

    1. "Man I hope they don't have that chemical that turns the water purple..." -Richard Chislett

    2. "Hey honey, my ride is here. Be home soon." -Kim Heath Dryer

    3. And the first-place winner in the AFSOC towel snapping contest is ... - Tyler Foster

    4. I know the BX is over there....but where is the gym? -Edward Connors

    5. Star light, start bright. Let me be your hero tonight. - Cindy Rhodes

    6. The pilot said it only uses premium! -Bob Murphy

    7. Taco Tuesday is always a disaster. - Loni Fields

    8. Something just touched my back... -Dakota Feth

    9. The cover of darkness, is the best camouflage. - Antonio Guzman

    10. Did you call for a superhero? - Denise Armstead Colley