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    14 Bathing Suits Your Friends Won't Believe You Made

    Shopping for bathing suits can be a mix of total confusion, shame, and price tag shock. How can a tiny piece of fabric cost fifty dollars? And you have to buy two? Avoid price tag worries and squeezing into a suit you hate by making your own bathing suit. You’ll love these DIY bathing suits!


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    Turn an old, boring one-piece into a sexy and sassy suit that will awe other beach-goers!


    Okay, this might not be THAT easy. But if you can knit, you can totally make me this vintage knit one-piece.

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    Make a bikini that will fit your perfectly with these twisty bikini top and bottoms.


    Flowers and frills make this femme bathing suit so so so cute.


    She wore a reasonably sized polka-dot tankini!


    Another high-waisted masterpiece. I'm loving the colors!


    This bow bandeau would look at home at a music festival (and the beach, of course)!


    You know what's crazy? This was made from a t-shirt. So cheap!


    Add some lace to an old bikini and make this beautiful Victoria's Secret knock-off!


    Turn a bra that fits you perfectly into the best-fitting bikini you have ever worn!


    This suit is sporty, making it a great piece for active beach-going days!


    Designer-inspired and super easy, this easy swimsuit tutorial will wow!


    Be a pretty pin-up in this DIY tutorial.


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