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    10 Diaper Bags That You'll Want To Make Even If You Don't Have Kids

    Good news! You don't need to lie at the store and say you have kids to score an insanely useful diaper bag. Thanks to the newfangled internet, you can spend your Friday night blasting the Sound of Music soundtrack and sewing one of these DIY diaper bags.

    1. Imagine how many cans of soup you could fit in this! And no one on your walk home would be any the wiser...


    Get the full tutorial and measurements here!

    2. Yea, you'll be everyone's favorite on the night out when your clutch can hold ten times what everyone else's can! Don't worry, ladies, mama's here.

    3. No, it's not a diaper bag, it's my grad-school-inspired messenger bag...see?


    Want to create it? You can here!

    4. Watch out, street thugs; with boundless compartments, this DIY diaper bag will be impossible to search through (unless you've made it yourself!).


    Create a place for everything with this tutorial.

    5. Imagine how much better your evening bicycle ride to the park will be with this bag! (There's even room for your birdseeds! Dinner time, friends!)


    Find the full instructions here.

    6. Finally, a functional purse that says, "I'm just a sophisticated city girl having it all," while still retaining plenty of room for your Kleenex and emergency deodorant sticks.


    Stop pretending like you don't need this tutorial.

    7. Even people without kids need to carry extra clothes (some people sweat a lot, OK?). Allow some space for your back-ups with this bag.


    Get the project step-by-step instructions here.

    8. Sadly, you'll never be too old for a wet bag. But don't despair! It can look super cute!

    9. Go vintage with your DIY diaper bag design; you're trendier than you think!


    Make sure you sew this bag in time for spring!

    10. You're smarter than the rest of the childless ladies; choose a purse that doesn't sacrifice functionality for fashion.


    Grab this tutorial here.

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