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Better Freaking Documentation

It’s Important, ya know?

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This year as an Open Lab fellow experimenting in wearable embedded cameras one thing became apparent during my research. There is a ton of documentation - good, bad and horrible.

There is so much assumed knowledge in the technological documentation that exist. Good instructionals does not only avoid tribal knowledge but it is also interesting, succinct and visually appealing. This is challenging but not impossible.

Captivating documentation has become a new passion of mine. I still have a long way to go but in the meantime here is my first effort at a visually appealing how-to for building my embedded camera project. It excludes the software portion of the project which can be found here.

I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter or via my website with your thoughts.


Embedded Wearable Camera for Citizen Journalism Tutorial

Jena Pruitt / Jamica El / Aquavis Warfield