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    • afreeusa

      I think we have had a Constitutional crisis on our hands for a long time. Too many people refuse to call it what it is or pursue it, and they are just as guilty for not pursuing these criminal charges against the most corrupt and inept President in the history of our country. Just because you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you allow them to continue to break the Constitutional law. If something is not done with him very soon, it will become too late and our country will slip into a slave state to whomever we allow to come into the country and take us over (whether it be by allowing illegals to ruin the country or allowing the illegals that have come into this country to destroy it within to finish the job they have surely started long ago by being here to begin with). Selling Abrams tanks to our enemies, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, overruling Congress with executive orders that are all illegal when the congress is still in session, carrying out a war with a country without congressional approval, the signing of Obamacare (which is illegal all the way through and, if implemented, means the end of the freedoms in our country), and there are a hundred more things he has done that are explicitly illegal and Constitutionally treasonous. He rules by tyranny and continues to do so every day. Those who vote for him support tyranny and have no clue about what our free country is based on that he has destroyed. All of this, and he supports wholeheartedly the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist-funded organization. That alone should have him in prison already.

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