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    If You Loved These 20 YA Books, Then Pick Up These 20 Middle Grade Books

    If you enjoy reading young adult novels, be sure to check out these middle grade novels with similar themes.

    1. If you enjoyed The Hate U Give, check out A Good Kind of Trouble.

    2. If you loved Fat Chance, Charlie Vega, try Starfish.

    3. If you enjoyed Like Home, read Take Back the Block.

    4. If you read and loved Wings of Ebony, check out Amari and the Night Brothers.

    5. If you liked Love Is a Revolution, try Genesis Begins Again.

    6. If you enjoyed Twelve Steps to Normal, check out Life in the Balance.

    7. If you loved The Downstairs Girl, try Front Desk.

    8. If you read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you might enjoy Keep It Together, Keiko Carter.

    9. If Where the Rhythm Takes You is on your list, then also check out When Life Gives You Mangos.

    10. If you liked Love, Hate and Other Filters, then check out Amina’s Voice.

    11. If you loved When You Were Everything, try So Done.

    12. If you liked Darius the Great Is Not Okay, then check out How to Make Friends With the Sea.

    13. If you enjoyed Long Way Down, check out The Stars Beneath Our Feet.

    14. If you read No Place Like Here, then pick up Summer at Meadow Wood.

    15. If you loved The Black Kids, check out It All Comes Down to This.

    16. If you enjoyed The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, check out Where the Watermelons Grow.

    17. If you liked We Are Not from Here, pick up Efrén Divided.

    18. If you read The Silence Between Us, then you may enjoy Show Me a Sign.

    19. If you enjoyed On the Edge of Gone, then check out The Someday Birds.

    20. If you loved Rain Is Not My Indian Name, pick up Apple in the Middle.