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    11 Times DIY Bouquets Didn't Fail

    We have all seen the Pins and wondered if we could make it work. These brides dared to make their own wedding bouquets and NAILED IT!

    Bohac Photography / Via

    1. This DIY bride combined a silk peony bouquet with dried flowers from the first bouquet the groom ever gave her.

    Life Expression Photography / Via

    Talk about romantic!

    2. Any bridesmaid would be over the moon to carry this beauty.

    Jessica Ranae Photography / Via

    3. Could this bouquet get any prettier?! You would never know they were silk flowers!

    Marinelli Photography / Via

    4. Some brides are lucky enough to have their mother make their bouquet, like this one.

    Morgan Marie Photography / Via

    5. Or this one.

    Floral Designs By Logue / Beyond the Flash Photography / Via

    6. Some brides have a crafty bridesmaid to help them out.

    Julius & James / Via

    This destination bride's bouquets looked so real they even surprised customs when they arrived at the Jamaican airport.

    7. DIY Bride + Silk Flowers + Destination Wedding = Perfection

    Keila Nieves Photography / Via

    You can find flowers to make this bouquet here.

    8. This handmade bouquet is picture perfect.

    Ajbartell / Via

    9. As if this bouquet wasn't beautiful enough, this DIY bride made a floral crown to match!

    Magnolia Adam’s Photography / Via

    10. Every bride dreams of a bouquet filled with pink peonies and this savvy DIY-er made it happen.

    Juyubee / Via

    11. This bouquet is simple, elegant AND handmade! Does it get any better than this.

    Jessica Blex Photography and Design / Via

    Now get out there and DIY!