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10 Things You Should Buy Before You Really Need Them

Because let's face it: You're gonna need them. When life happens, Aflac is there.

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1. Coffee

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Tired? Of course you are — or at least you definitely will be soon. Keep caffeine on hand.

2. A Hammer

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Because things WILL need hammering.

3. Gaffer Tape

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"COME AT ME, LIFE." Whether or not you're a roadie, gaffer tape can get you out of all kinds of sticky situations. Invest now.

4. A Neck Pillow

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Because you WILL fall asleep on the plane...and sans pillow, you'll end up with a stiff neck for the duration of your dream vacation.

5. Extra Phone Storage...

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Because you have a lot of adventures to document and a lot of selfies to take along the way.

6. ...and a Phone Locator App

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Please, please download this BEFORE you lose your phone. How else will you find it and continue your life?

7. Baby Wipes

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Life will eventually lead to ribs, and you should be ready.

8. An Umbrella

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Getting wet means getting sick. Stay dry.

9. Cold Medicine

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Because you shouldn't be out in the world purchasing things when you are currently a human germ factory. Do future-you a favor!

10. And a First Aid Kit

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Dust yourself off and get back out there!

When health changes for you or a loved one, it can change everything. But Aflac can help make sure the life you love is the life you never stop living.

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