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    You Know You're A SF Giants Fan When...

    Sure proof way to know whether you're an authentic fan or not.

    1. You know every nickname there is to know for all the players

    2. "Don't Stop Believing" comes on the radio and you can't help but think of baseball

    3. You start to somewhat enjoy the torture

    4. You can't handle any announcer except for Kruk and Kuip

    5. Going to the ballpark is exciting every single time

    6. This never gets old

    7. Or this

    8. You know that Kershaw has nothing on this guy

    9. You wish Hunter Pence would run for President

    10. You have more giveaways than you know what to do with

    11. You're still angry about the crash heard around the world

    12. You remember where you were when this guy had a no hitter

    13. And when this guy had a PERFECT game

    14. You know Lou Seal is the cutest mascot

    15. You trust no one more than Bruce Bochy

    16. You never counted the Giants out

    17. There is nothing you enjoy more than a SF Giants commercial

    18. You know there's nothing more exciting than a splash hit

    19. You give every last bit of strength to cheer on your favorite player

    20. You know that "I left my heart in San Francisco" is as much about your love for the team as your love for the city