This Song Is Your New Monday-Morning Anthem

No country song has best captured the plight of the average working man since Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” like “Workin’,” available on iTunes.

Get to know Big Smo, The Country Rapper with the cure for every case of the Mondays.

1. Can’t find the motivation to get out of bed?

A& E / Warner Music

“Yeah, I’m up early with the birdies / Ready to get dirty / This ain’t a song for you / If you’re asleep by 7:30”

2. But what if you hit snooze just one more time…?

A&E / Warner Music

“I’m out the door by sunup / Focused on the come-up / We never sleep in / That ain’t how we was brought up”

3. Feel like you’re not getting paid enough to put up with all this sh*t?

A&E / Warner Music

“Cuz I’m workin’ / Till it’s hurtin’ / That’s the only way / To make an honest day’s pay”

4. Is your boss not giving you the credit you deserve?

A&E / Warner Music

“I ain’t askin’ for a raise / But I know the boss heard me / Nobody on this job site’s / Workin’ like I’m workin’!”

5. Feel like your paycheck is spread too thin?

A&E / Warner Music

“Money in a mason jar / Country boy pinchin’ / Old lady, three kids / Take a lot to fill the kitchen”

6. Are you upset about having to work overtime again?

A&E / Warner Music

“Call my old lady / Let her know I’ll be late / And I ain’t worried / Cuz I know that she gun’ save me a plate”

Check out Big Smo’s new real-life series coming in June to A&E. But for now… get back to workin’!

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