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14 Reasons "Bates Motel" Is The Next Show You Need To Binge-Watch On Netflix

Holy Sh*t!! Catch up on all of the suspense, murder, and craziness from Season 1, before Season 2 of Bates Motel returns Monday, March 3 at 10/9 c on A&E.

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1. Remember Freddie Highmore, the sweet little boy from Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

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What a lil nugget!

Well, he's all grown-up now and stars alongside Vera Farmiga in the A&E Original Series, Bates Motel.

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2. They play Norma and Norman Bates, the extra creepy mother-son duo!

3. After some trouble at home, they relocate to a new town for a fresh start.

A&E/Bates Motel

4. But trouble seems to follow them wherever they go!

A&E/Bates Motel

5. Even into their kitchen...


6. And ever since, Norman has been like seriously MESSED UP.

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Like for real.

7. Like for real for real.

He can't stop the violence!

8. But his mom is absolutely OUT. OF. HER. MIND.


A&E/Bates Motel

9. At least Norman's seriously HAWT older brother is there to talk some sense into them.

Those eyes... SMOLDER ALERT.



10. The suspense will drive you insane!

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11. And can Sheriff Romero really be trusted??

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12. At least we’ve got sweet Emma to brighten things up!

<3 u Emma!

13. But when things finally begin to return to normal, THERE'S ANOTHER MURDER!!


14. The cliffhangers will literally drive you mad!

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Catch up on all the horrors from the first season on Netflix before the Season 2 premiere!

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After catching up on Season 1 (also available on Hulu/Xfinity/, don't miss the second season premiere on Monday, March 3 at 9/8 c on A&E.