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These Pranks Are Cool As Hell

Wizards are real. One of them loves to prank strangers, so they gave him his own show. Tune in to Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, Mondays at 11/10 C, only on A&E.

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This is Andrew Mayne.

Courtesy of A&E

He is a master of illusions.


Most of the time, he uses his dark celestial powers to screw with strangers.

Lighting their money on fire...

Rand McMeins / Via Getty Images News

Resurrecting their Filet-O-Fish...

Nature/UIG / Via Getty Images

Turning their ties into birds. You know, like you do...

Tom Myers / Via Getty Images

But when he's not using his powers to freak out total strangers, he likes to use them to fix relationships. Because at heart, he is a good wizard.

This is Melanie.

Courtesy of A&E

This is Jorgan.

Courtesy of A&E

Melanie and Jorgan have a brand-new baby, but Jorgan spends all his time fishing.

And Melanie is afraid that she's starting to lose her old man to the sea.

She needs fishing season to be over, like, now.

So Andrew decided to give him all the fish he could ever want, so he'd realize what a catch he had at home.

And the craziest part is, it worked!

Courtesy of A&E


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