12 Reasons Stay-At-Home Dads Totally Have It Made

When the wife brings home the bacon, there are plenty of perks. And no one knows them quite like the guys on A&E’s Modern Dads, which premieres on Wednesday, August 21st at 10:30/9:30c.


dadblunders / Via Flickr: sahdblunders

2. Plenty of time to patent your one-of-a-kind “DADGETS”

3. When the baby naps, YOU nap!

crimfants / Via Flickr: crimfants

4. Only requires 1 daily conference call: “No, honey… everything’s great! Take your time coming home.”

_live_like_marley_ / Via instagram.com

5. Full use of the corporate jet.

dan_e158 / Via instagram.com

6. Kids make perfect props for video game references (that they don’t quite understand yet).

7. Gives whole new meaning to the term “baby weight.”

coach_tommy / Via instagram.com

8. You can help your kid become the next Justin Bieber… or do everything humanly possible to avoid it. Your call!

9. Your boss is still irrational, needy, loud, & cranky… but she can now be silenced with a shiny toy!

nateOne / Via Flickr: nateone

10. Can you say chick magnet???

abrew897 / Via instagram.com

11. Your kids have no reason to doubt that you actually DO fight crime while they’re asleep.

jamestdubb / Via instagram.com

12. Bottom line—you don’t miss out on stuff like this!

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