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8 Types Of Dads

In A&E’s new show, Modern Dads, we meet a cast of unique fathers. Here’s a look at the Modern Dads with a couple of extra dad types thrown into the mix. Check out Modern Dads on A&E, August 21st at 10:30pm. The author of this post is Zach Rosenberg, who is a Co-Founder of 8BitDad.

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The New Dad (Nathan)

New dads may have all the fun gear in the world (and still-clean houses!), but still wear a panicked look on their face that says “oh god, please don’t sneeze within a football field’s distance of my baby.” Cool down, bro. Geez.

The Dad of Multiples

Via Flickr: mikebaird

Dads of multiple kids have impeccable herding skills and are multitaskers that can hold a baby and bottle in one arm while spoon-feeding their other kid with the other. Or, take a family of kids surfing alone without the fear of anyone getting pulled under by a shark. Sharks fear dads of multiples.

The Single Dad (Stone)

Single dads have to play every position for their kids: the good cop, the bad cop, the nurturer, the fixer and the disciplinarian all at once, all while playing the field for themselves.

The Military Dad

Via Flickr: dasqfamily

Service dads may have regimented schedules and morning exercise routines, but they also have a profound understanding that at any moment, they could be called away from their families for months at a time. These guys are experts at fitting in family time between errands. And pushups.

The Stepdad (Sean)

Stepdads have it tough because they sometimes feel stuck in the middle. They’re like a really good designated hitter on a baseball team - ready to step in whenever needed, and looking for that starting lineup position.

The Veteran (Rick)

Veteran dads don’t sweat the small stuff since they’ve been around the block. They also know when an injury is not serious enough for an expensive emergency room visit (listen up, new dads!).

The CosPlay Dad


Family photos of Stormtroopers and Starfleet officers? Who wants to wear a suit all week unless it’s armor and comes with a blaster? CosPlay dads are the envy of the park. And, occasionally, the envy of the Galactic Empire.

Be sure to check out Modern Dads on A&E August 21st at 10:30pm.

Zach Rosenberg was compensated for this post.