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8 Signs You Are A Modern Dad

Fatherhood looks a lot different today than in generations past. Here are a few signs that you just might be a Modern Dad, like the guys on A&E’s Modern Dads, which premieres on Wednesday, August 21st at 10:30/9:30c. The author of this post is Chris Routly, who blogs at The Daddy Doctrines

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1. You are better at changing diapers than tying on a tie

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Diapers today are a snap. Sometimes literally. Gone are the days where one had to deal with complicated pins and origami-like folding techniques. A dude who can't change a diaper should stick to clip-on ties.

3. You baby-wear, and you love it

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4. You struggle with work-life balance as much as or more than your wife.

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We've had it drilled into us since birth that we need to provide for our family financially, but more and more of us are seeing the value in providing our time, our presence, and our attention.

5. You own at least one diaper bag that you carry without shame

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If being seen with a paisley pink diaper bag puts you off, there are tons of great choices for the Modern Dad to carry around the baby essentials in one convenient place.

Chris Routly was compensated for this post.