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8 Pet Peeves Of A Modern Dad

In the course of raising kids, the Modern Dad puts up with a lot. And like the guys on A&E’s Modern Dads, Wednesdays 10:30/9:30c, they find a lot of joy in the job, and don’t let much get them down. But there are a few things that always rub them the wrong way. The author of this post is Chris Routly who blogs at The Daddy Doctrines.

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PET PEEVE #1: When Dads are presented yet again as bumbling idiots.

PET PEEVE #2: When people say "Parent" when they mean "Mom only".

PET PEEVE #3: When people say "Dad" as if it doesn’t also mean "Parent."

PET PEEVE #4: When people who give you great praise for changing a diaper, or simply not killing the child in your solo care for a while.

PET PEEVE #5: When moms on the playground look at you like you are probably a predator.

PET PEEVE #6: When restaurants have a single high chair, with a broken strap.

PET PEEVE #7: When someone calls you "Mr. Mom," but would never, ever call your working spouse "Mrs. Dad."

PET PEEVE #8: When people ask if caring for your own children makes you feel "emasculated."

What’s your major pet peeve as a Modern Dad?

What’s your major pet peeve as a Modern Dad?

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Chris Routly was compensated for this post.