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12 Emotional Stages We All Go Through On A First Date

The dates may change, but the emotions never do. See couples experience these first-date jitters — while spending days locked in a house together — on Love Prison, Mondays at 10/9c on A&E.

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Stage One: The confirmation text that you are indeed meeting up.


Cue squeal of excited and OMG-I'm-going-to-throw-up-I'm-so-nervous feeling.

Stage Two: Hours in front of the mirror making sure everything. Is. PERFECT.


This isn't just a first impression, it's THE first impression.

Stage Three: Anxiously waiting for the other person to show up while questioning their arrival.


"Did they have second thoughts? Was there something about my profile they just noticed? Please come."

Stage Four: Finally meeting and feeling complete relief that they look like their picture online.


Thank GOD!

Stage Five: Nerves so high that they can only be cured by one thing.


If you're going to spend the next few hours (or a whole week) with each other, it's a def must.

Stage Six: Discovering what their true personality is IRL.

Sometimes the personality you get online is NOT what you get in real life. You've been warned.

Stage Seven: Getting comfortable enough with the date that you begin to reveal your hidden "quirks."


Sure you never thought your prince charming would have a camel toe tattoo. But hey, it keeps things interesting.

Stage Eight: Noticing things about them that no webcam can bring to life.


Stage Nine: Hearing about their current dating habits (whether you want to or not).

If you're honest about it: no problem.

If they find out your secrets via interview you never thought they would ever see: yeah...

Stage Ten: Sudden awkward silence... that never seems to end.



Stage Eleven: Going to extremes to stay entertained the remainder of the date.


If it means putting on a shark suit to make them laugh, then put on a shark suit and MAKE THEM LAUGH!

Final Stage: One of you goes in for the kill— erm, kiss.


Risky? Sure. Only true way to figure out if there's a chance for a second date? Dun.

You thought your first date was an emotional roller coaster? Try being locked in a house for a whole week together!

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