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10 Reasons Why Dads Are Awesome

Want to see some awesome dads? Check out Modern Dads on A&E starting August 21st at 10:30pm. Want to know why dads are so awesome? Here’s 10 reasons... The author of this post is Zach Rosenberg, who is a Co-Founder of 8BitDad.

1. Their fearless sense of fashion.

2. They will always play along.

3. They are awesome at snuggling.

4. They involve their kids in everyday routines.

5. Their Photoshoots

6. They really would get you a pony for your birthday if you wanted one.

7. They always let you help break and fix things.

8. Their sentimental value for linking their youth with their kid’s.

9. They let you be in the band.

10. They will always catch you.

Why is your dad awesome? See more awesome fathers on Modern Dads, which airs August 21st at 10:30pm.

Zach Rosenberg was compensated for this post.