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11 Stressful Parenting Moments That Can Be Solved Through Mindfulness

It can be hard to find time for mindfulness when you’re a parent. Aetna believes if you remember to #takeamoment it can help you appreciate every memorable minute, especially those with your children.

1. When the kids wake you up by jumping on you.

2. When you realize you need to prepare everyone's lunches while also cleaning up from breakfast.

3. The moment when your child remembers they've forgotten something important.

4. Or worse, when your child is sick and needs to stay home from school.

5. Leaving work with the nagging fear you’ll be late to pick up your kids.

6. The dinner and homework rush.

7. And the bedtime dance.

8. Planning the perfect birthday party...

9. ...or corralling the whole family into a car for a long drive.

10. The chaos of Sunday night, before you start it all over again.

11. Each moment presents its own unique challenges...

Learn more about how to practice mindfulness with your family.

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