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13 Memorable Moments Every Mom Will Recognize

It can be hard to find time for mindfulness when you're a mom. Join Aetna and #takeamoment to help you appreciate every memorable moment, especially those with your children.

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1. Waking up in the perfect way.

With help from your little ones!

2. Morning cuddles...

3. And general silliness.

A perfect time to be mindful and present.

4. The moment when you have to take charge...

5. ...followed by the never-ending search for the perfect outfit.

6. And the struggle to make it all come together.

7. Getting ready yourself with a little helper.

8. And the satisfaction that comes with getting everyone out the door!

Finally, the rush is over!

9. The moments on a walk to school when you can really enjoy each other.

And set the tone for the day.

10. Taking a moment to laugh.

11. Helping each other learn.

12. And play.

13. And recognizing being in a memorable moment — and really appreciating it.

Aetna encourages you to #takeamoment and see how mindfulness can benefit you in life! Learn more.

Check out the video below for inspiration:

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