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10 Gorgeous Nature GIFs That Can Help You Stay Mindful

It can be hard to appreciate the little things in life as they happen. Take in nature when you can, and join Aetna in remembering to #takeamoment and work to improve your life through the practice of mindfulness.

1. Look back every now and again to appreciate the beauty trailing behind you.

2. Take in nature as you pass by.

3. Learn the value of a different perspective.

4. Revel in the details as you find them.

5. Find clarity in water and sky.

6. And peace on the dirt floor.

7. Look for moments of unexpected beauty.

8. Let nature's constant movement soothe you.

9. Look up.

10. And return to your day refreshed.

Mindfulness, the practice of being present, can help you reduce stress. Aetna encourages you to #takeamoment every day. See how mindfulness can benefit you. Learn more on Aetna's Tumblr, and check out the video below for inspiration.

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GIFs courtesy of Aetna.