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Justin Bieber Wrist Tattoo

Between the Justin Bieber wrist tattoo and the close up shot of the girl's cleavage, it's almost as if this was designed to go viral.

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

R. Kelly Sings Happy Birthday

R. Kelly sang himself Happy Birthday on his recent 44th. This looks like the new perfect birthday comment for your underaged friends on Facebook. (Via.)

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Gucci Mane Has A Huge New Face Tattoo

I'm definitely pretty jealous right now. I'll probably get something similar within the next week or so, as soon as I can decide whether I want to copy the ice cream cone look or go for a different dessert. Possibly a piece of red velvet cake?

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Stephen Colbert Couch On Etsy

This is a very forced meme, but I can't say I don't love this. I definitely want to be able to tell people, "I own a Colbert Couch."

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Edgar Allen Bro

That's so raven...I suppose the preppy UVA life influenced him more than we ever imagined.

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago


Those whose force is extra strong within them get free one day shipping.

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

5 Movies That Totally Ripped Off Comics

With all the anger that Inception may have stolen its plotline from Ducktails, I must point out that many other movies have stolen their ideas from cartoons. Here are just a few culprits.

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Existential Randy-Dawg Jackson Writes A Poem

With the news that another judge-dawg has come to leave him, Randy tries to express his existential-angst in the form or a heart-wrenching poem. Or I just wrote it. Who really knows?

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago

Mad Men Season 11

Hollywood should green-light Starsky & Draper as soon as possible. Also how about that season premiere! Does anyone share my theory that Betty and Henry actually died from carbon monoxide asphyxiation in the garage and are now ghosts and or zombies?

aestheticoctopus 9 years ago