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What Will Justin Bieber's Job Be In Ten Years?

Star Wars kid was just elected president of a conservation society in Quebec. What will Bieber be doing in the future?

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  • 1. Still A Successful Pop Star

    Bieber will conquer the test of time and his talent will still be greatly appreciated in future culture.

  • 2. B-list Movie Star

    Bieber will still be somewhat of a household name, but his project offers will not be flowing off his desk.

  • 3. Father of a Disney Star

    Bieber will remain famous through the work of his son/daughter. His methods for pushing his kids to greatness will be questioned, but Bieber won't care because he's secure with himself

  • 4. Accountant

    Bieber will become an accountant. You will trust him with your taxes

  • 5. Department Store Employee

    Bieber will help you find the dust pans.

  • 6. Homeless Man

    Bieber might receive four dollars from you in exchange for some meme-able talent