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Things To Do Rather Than Watching Leno

A selection of traditionally unenjoyable activities I would rather do than watch The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The list could really go on forever. Add your own!

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  • 1. Read Heart of Darkness Backwards

    If you thought reading it forwards took forever...

  • 2. Mow The Lawn

    Although mowing the lawn didn't seem this cute last time I checked....

  • 3. Do My Taxes

    She doesn't seem asleep.

  • 4. Make Copies

    Extra points for having to power the machine with a crank.

  • 5. Paint A Fence

    He looks like he's having fun!

  • 6. Shepherd Sheep

    This may be a bad example. This actually looks really awesome...

  • 7. Download Files On Internet Explorer

    Maybe by the time they've finished downloading, Jay Leno will have lost his job!