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Quality Casting Choices For The New Spiderman Movie

It is being reported that both Zac Efron and Joe Jonas are serious contenders to pick up where Tobey Maguire so adequately left off. In the spirit of those casting choices, here are some other, not horrible casting choices producers could make.

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  • 1. Aaron Carter

    Even though it's 2010, I am still under the impression that it is "Aaron's Party."

  • 2. Miley Cyrus

    In this scenario, Justin Bieber could play Mary Jane.

  • 3. Nicholas Cage

    If you are trying to make the best movie of all time, you need to hire the best actor of all time. Simple science.

  • 4. Soulja Boy

    Mary Jane can be his Soulja Girl. Also, Mary Jane will have a donk.

  • 5. Shaun White

    This would be a gold medal choice! Do you get that one?!

  • 6. A Real Life Spider

    It could do all of its own stunts! Plus they could just CGI the "man" half.


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