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Charlie Sheen Will Be With Us For Two More Years

It has just been announced that Charlie Sheen will star in Two & A Half Men for at least the next two years. Here is what we have to look forward to!

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  • 1. "Feet off the couch! I was going to have sex on that!"

    Charlie Sheen teaching children strong values

  • 2. "Just trying to have sex with some grocery store broads"

    Charlie Sheen at the grocery store

  • 3. "Hey! You aren't supposed to still be here!"

    Charlie Sheen upset that his one night stand tried to stay for breakfast

  • 4. "Hey I think there is a fire out here. I should come in"

    Charlie Sheen using his classic charm

  • 5. "I read a book!"

    Charlie Sheen proving that he is more than just an incredibly attractive individual

  • 6. Ed. Note: "Oh God! Run! Run!"

    Charlie Sheen proving he is just a great guy all around