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5 Movies That Totally Ripped Off Comics

With all the anger that Inception may have stolen its plotline from Ducktails, I must point out that many other movies have stolen their ideas from cartoons. Here are just a few culprits.

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  • 1. Spiderman 2

    This was a total rip off of the similarly named Spiderman comics. Can't believe no one has noticed this!

  • 2. Watchmen

    WTF! This was basically a scene for scene steal of a graphic-novel with the same name. Coincidence? Am I really the only one who caught this?

  • 3. Fantastic 4

    More like the fantastic steal! Of an idea!

  • 4. The Dark Knight

    The Joker in this was just like the Joker in a comic book called "Batman." Although all of the other characters were new so it might have just been a coincidence.

  • 5. Spiderman 4

    This hasn't come out yet, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be another theft. Does Hollywood even care a little bit about the property of an idea?