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15 Things From Your Childhood That Will Make You Remember The Good Times

Remember when the most stressful part of your week was not knowing if your mum had picket up a packet of Aeroplane Jelly.

Ah, the memories of sweet, sweet childhood — just before we all grew up and actually started adulting.

1. Building a fort with the kitchen table, your bed sheets and your big sibling.

2. Bicycling bare foot down to the beach after school was finished.

3. And spending all your pocket money on 10 cent lollies.

4. Digging through your mum's jelly moulds to create the ultimate jelly masterpiece.

5. And opening the fridge in five minute intervals to see if it had set yet.

6. Literally just rolling down a hill.

7. Making a cubby house out of a cardboard box with a "Keep Out!" sign written on the front.

8. Getting bubble sets in every singly party bag you ever got.

9. Writing in your ~diary~ with an actual lock and key on it.

10. Getting a letter from the tooth fairy and five bucks to go along with it.

11. Watching daytime TV all day because you were "sick".

12. Sitting in the car on a long drive and imagining the rain droplets racing each other as they slid down the windows.

13. And having your entire family all sing along to one CD, because no one had their own device.

14. Reading a book to your stuffed animals, because their literacy levels were nowhere near where they should be.

15. And finally, racing your sibling to the couch when your favourite family TV show came on.

No matter how old you are and no matter how mature you are, as soon as you hear 🎶I liiike Aeroplane Jell-eee, 🎶 you'll automatically become a kid again.

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