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7 Ways You Already Have A Bikini Body

You were born beach-ready. ;) Get #AerieREAL this summer and love the swim you're in.

1. Hiya, gorgeous! Swimsuit season is almost here, and lucky you, you don’t have to stress.

2. Now, if you put your body into a bikini, well, there you have it, a bikini body! An exquisite bikini body.

3. Sure, sure, sure, you have lots of ~skin~ visible, but that’s YOUR precious skin. So own that color, size, shape, texture... It’s yours to flaunt and no one else’s!

4. Your curves make your bikini bod even more remarkable.

5. But it’s your confidence in any suit you choose to wear that will shine through the most.

6. Because all the stars aligned in the most magical of ways for YOU to be on the planet, twirling around at the beach or the pool or wherever it is your bikini body takes you.

7. YOU are the author of your memoir, the lead role in the movie that IS your life. That bikini body you’re flaunting is just along for the wild ride.

All images via Aerie

You + bikini = perfection. It's time to get #AerieREAL and stop worrying about what others think of you. Love your bikini bod exactly the way it is. ;)

P.S. Post your unretouched swim photos with #AerieREAL, and Aerie will donate $1 (up to $30K ) to NEDA, a nonprofit that supports those affected by eating disorders.